The Central Florida Freethought Community is an official chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and an affiliate of the Florida Humanist Association and the American Humanist Association. Our partnership with FFRF allows us to work with  one of the most effective and prolific state-church watchdog organizations in the country. They have an excellent online resource at Check that site if you have specific questions and be in touch with us if you have a question about a local practice regarding equal access, establishment, free speech, or freedom of expression. We are here to help.

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Florida Letters of Complaint

Below we have published the letters the Freedom From Religion Foundation and other organizations have sent in Florida and were provided to CFFC for public release or obtained elsewhere on the Internet. Feel free to link back to this page or the direct links.



Orange County Sheriff - Chaplaincy Program


Levy County School Board - Prayer in Athletics

Humanist Invocation Request - Orange County

Humanist Invocation Request - Seminole County
Humanist Invocation Request - Lake County
Humanist Invocation Request - Osceola County
Humanist Invocation Request - Volusia County 
Humanist Invocation Request - Brevard County
Humanist Invocation Request - City of Orlando
Humanist Invocation Request - City of Winter Park


City of Fort Lauderdale - Day of Prayer Event
Polk County Schools - Lake Wales High Day of Prayer Event


Dept. of Ed. - LifeSkills Academy, Daytona Beach
Pinellas Park Letter 2 - Bible on Dais



Martin County Government Prayer (AHA)

Pasco County Schools - Football
Reply from Pasco County

DeLand - City Seal (AU)

Pinellas Park - Bible, Prayer, etc.

North Miami - Natl Day of Prayer

St. Johns County Schools - Graduation Prayer
Saint Augustine - Blessing of the Fleet (AU)
Saint Augustine - Blessing of the Fleet

St. Petersburg - Government Prayer

Orange County Schools - Bible Distribution


Orange County Schools - Church Partnerships

Oviedo - Government Prayer

Cape Coral - Ten Commandments
Cape Coral - Government Prayer
Orange County Sheriff - 40 Days of Prayer

Inspirational Message Law Form Letter (AU) (sent to all Florida School Boards) 

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Osceola Board Meeting Final Agenda 16 June 2014


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